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NEW - Direct to Garment - Digital Printing

With our New Anajet Digital Printer, the sky is the limit. We can print on almost anything you can imagine! We can now design eye catching FULL COLOR digital designs for your shirt needs.

Digital printing also known as Direct to Garment Printing is a process that lets us print full color, photo quality images directly onto your t-shirts with NO MINIMUMS! You can print 100 custom t-shirts, or just one!

Screen Printing

Screen printing on apparel is an artform. When done correctly, the colors are vibrant, crisp, and soft to the touch.
And that's how it's done at TDI.

Every day, the pros at TDI create the best direct silk screen prints possible onto T-shirts, sweatshirts,
jackets, uniforms and more. We maximize production techniques to keep our prices affordable. If you want
premium quality screen printing at an affordable price, you want the experienced pros at TDI!

Custom Vinyl Graphics - Lettering, Logos, Vehicle Stickers & Custom Graphics

TDI can supply you with ready-to-apply vinyl graphics, decals, lettering and much more. We strive for customer satisfaction and offer cost effective products to help fulfill your needs.

You may know and be used to other local shops who make decals, but nobody can compete with our quality, prices and fast service - nobody!

We pride ourselves with our original and unique services that turn heads from our website to our products. We are committed to providing you the best in quality, professionalism and excellence in service at a great price. We look forward to serving your needs.

Custom Designs

Our talented creative director will work to produce eye-catching designs for a variety of custom logo products.
Whether updating an existing logo, or prepping an existing design for screen printing, or creating an entirely new
image, our creative director is the best at making you look your best!

If you have a professionally-created logo or design already developed, then great! Having artwork in a professional
electronic format simplifies the setup process and speeds the timeline for production.

If you don't have any art developed or don't have a digital file, then TDI will create a professional design
for you at a very affordable rate!

The Future of Tone Def
TDI is currently working with Delgado Designs to provide you with more products. Check back often to see what new products we can provide you!

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